I telecommute and am completely dependent on having ready access to my files as well as a high-functioning computer at all times.  When my computer crashed recently, I called Xcellent Macintosh Support and Randy came right over to help solve the problem.  When it became apparent that the problem was more complex, he took my Mac with him but promised to work on it that day.  By evening we knew that the computer was toast but Randy had been able to recover all of my files, folders and apps.  I went in search of a new computer immediately, armed with some very helpful advice from Randy about what on my future machine was worth the extra money and what was not.  Once I had my new computer, Randy reloaded everything for me and I was working on my new computer this evening.  (His advice on what to make sure was upgraded has turned out to be essential.)  Randy’s charge for his support was very reasonable and his responsiveness at each turn was greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend Xcellent MacIntosh Support to everyone with a Mac!

— Lynne E. Richards, PhD, Santa Fe, New Mexico