This is to publicly inform people that someone was impersonating me on Instagram, using an account named “randyweberxcellentmacintosh” which is NOT me.  It was not my account and I have no association with it.  I have no Instagram or Facebook accounts.  More troubling was the fact that repeated emails with Instagram’s impersonation department, which is now owned by Facebook, about this obvious impersonation proved fruitless. They refused to do anything.  It was like talking to a Hydra–a beast with many heads.  I filed an online cyber crime report with the FBI, and instructed my attorney to contact Facebook/Instagram to close the fraudulent account.  Finally, without notifying me of their actions, the account was closed.  Please see my other post, “Use 2-Step Authorization, if you love your family and friends“, for the story behind this troubling and time consuming development.