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Located in Santa Fe, Xcellent Macintosh Support, LLC delivers personalized Apple computer, WiFi, network, and technical services to individuals and businesses throughout Northern New Mexico.


◊ Apple Certified
◊ Member of Apple Consultants Network (ACN)
◊ Professionally trained hardware and software engineer
◊ WiFi and Network Certified

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What We Do

Hardware & Software

We are xcellent at troubleshooting hardware and software problems, or installing hardware/software upgrades. Or maybe you need help configuring a new computer or server, or transferring your data to a new computer.  Is your machine dead? There’s a good chance we can recover your data even if your machine won’t turn on!

Network Certified

The internet and your local area network (wifi) is your pipeline to the outside digital world. Network design, troubleshooting, and enhancements are common tasks for us. We install reliable, high-speed wifi systems or wifi mesh systems in homes and businesses needing better wifi performance than what “wifi extenders” can achieve. Certified through CWNP LLC as a Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP), and two engineering degrees, means your business is in good hands to ensure your network is secure and performing at its peek. We’re also experts in Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure remote access to your computer and network devices such as security cameras, printers, and server databases.

Technology Consultant

Our technical expertise extends beyond Apple products to help you choose the right technology for your needs. Or, we can help you troubleshoot technologies you already own. If necessary, we can contact a vendor, such as Comcast or Centurylink, or a manufacturer to resolve a technical issue for you–we speak their language.

Device Troubleshooting

Having trouble with a device attached to your computer or network?  Not sure where the problem is?  We can figure it out!  Whether it be a printer, scanner, network device, or unique USB peripheral, we come to you to see the whole picture, determine the cause, and find a solution.


Patiently explaining how to use your Apple device, or explaining how to do a particular task is something we love to do.  Unlike most of our competitors, we offer a lower price for training than our other services. We believe in empowering clients to know how to do something themselves.

Telephone Support

Sometimes a problem can be resolved over the phone without an onsite visit.  This saves a lot of money and time.

With over 20 years of experience in hardware and software engineering, we offer our services to anyone who needs help crossing the technical divide.

Here’s what our clients say about our work:

Quick, Efficient Response

I telecommute and am completely dependent on having ready access to my files as well as a high-functioning computer at all times.  When my computer crashed recently, I called Xcellent Macintosh Support and Randy came right over to help solve the problem.  When it became apparent that the problem was more complex, he took my Mac with him but promised to work on it that day.  By evening we knew that the computer was toast but Randy had been able to recover all of my files, folders and apps.  I went in search of a new computer immediately, armed with some very helpful advice from Randy about what on my future machine was worth the extra money and what was not.  Once I had my new computer, Randy reloaded everything for me and I was working on my new computer this evening.  (His advice on what to make sure was upgraded has turned out to be essential.)  Randy’s charge for his support was very reasonable and his responsiveness at each turn was greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend Xcellent MacIntosh Support to everyone with a Mac!

— Lynne E. Richards, PhD, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Honest business practices

“Randy at Xcellent Macintosh Support offers reliable, intelligent and pleasant help. I would recommend him in a heart-beat. I was having difficulties with my email account and Randy knew exactly what the problem was. Thank you for your honest business practices!”

– Stacy Weber

Exceptional and friendly macintosh support

“I’ve known Randy for over 7 years and he’s provided nothing but exceptional and friendly Macintosh support. I’ve recommended him to many clients, all of whom say great things about his ability to detangle frustrating Wi-Fi woes, take control of networking issues, wrangle printers into submission, and generally improve all things Macintosh. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

– Canton Becker

About Randy Weber

Randy Weber

Randy Weber

Owner, Xcellent Macintosh Support

Randy Weber is a professionally trained engineer with bachelor of science degrees in Electrical Engineer and Computer Science from UC Irvine. His engineering experience includes having worked at Walt Disney Imagineering designing cutting-edge computer architectures and vehicle control systems for EPCOT, Tokyo Disneyland and Walt Disneyworld. At Emulex Corporation he designed disk and tape controllers for small computer systems. At Corollary Inc. he designed integrated circuits used for the first commercial multiple processor computer systems. All along, he often accepted responsibilities doing IT support, which has been his primary focus since 1996. He as been an Certified Apple Consultant for 13 years.

In addition to providing computer support, Randy also creates uplifting and inspiring music videos of Northern New Mexico’s amazing landscapes. A collection of these videos are now available from his latest project, apathosproductions.com.

Randy’s Blog

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This is to publicly inform people that someone was impersonating me on Instagram, using an account named "randyweberxcellentmacintosh" which is NOT me.  It was not my account and I have no association with it.  I have no Instagram or Facebook accounts.  More troubling...

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We can help you with Apple hardware repair, configuration, software, networking, email needs… you name it!

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